The Chalk Cellars.

Follow the stone passage that leads down to our cellars.
Get lost in time as your steps echo through 2km of silent tunnels.
Since the 17th Century, these chalk cellars have kept watch over our wines
as they are enhanced over time. The years go by and time does its job.
Only the instinct and the expertise of our winemaker
allows us to tell when the bottles are ready to leave the cellars.


The chalk cellars date from 17th and 19th centuries and stand guard over the House’s precious cargo. Over time, the wines assert themselves and the aromas develop, imprinted with all the finesse, balance and elegance which are characteristic of the personality of the House’s champagnes.

Over three to four years in cellars the non-vintage champagnes really blossom, staying around twice as long as the fixed regulations of the appellation. The vintage cuvées patiently wait ten years before they begin to reveal their maturity. Allowing time to play its role is behind the grandeur of Billecart-Salmon champagnes.