Silence in the Chais.

All is calm, silent and tranquil.
Discover the ancestral methods of vinification.
Here, the aromas develop in our 400 oak casks
which allow the style to become more refined and assertive…
… and the Billecart-Salmon charm works right until the end,
when the wines feel like they’re ready.
Welcome to our chai à foudres
and be blown away by the 24 large, majestic oak casks.


More than 400 small and 24 large oak casks respectively occupy the two chais at the House.

Each oak cask has been meticulously chosen and shaped in order to reveal all the richness and aromatic complexity of the wines. Remaining faithful to its style and expertise, the House vinifies at a low temperature to keep all the characteristic freshness and elegance of its champagnes.  With a view to a consistent traceability, each parcel is individually vinified. This knowledge and ancestral method of vinification is combined with vinification in stainless steel tanks to exalt all the elegance of the Billecart style.

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