A Meticulous Work.

When modernity and authenticity unite in the best way…
The brick-lined corridor, house our stainless steel tanks
where the fermentation process slowly takes place.
Each of these is skilfully operated using the most innovative tools
in order to continuously improve the quality of the wines.

As part of the ever present quest to maintain the quality of their champagnes, in the fifties, the House established the technique of cold settling combined with the use of stainless steel tanks for a longer fermentation at a lower temperature. The cuverie concentrates primarily on small thermoregulated cuves (47 hectolitres) which allows the House to observe the traceability of the grape varieties and the individual parcels. This vinification is carried out cru by cru and grape variety by grape variety which allows for the conservation of the nuances of expression of the terroir. In vinifying at a low temperature, the fermentation process slows down, encouraging ethereal aromas, which are delicate and allow all the purity of the fruit to be expressed. It is the absolute signature of the Billecart-Salmon style.

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